The three months travel starts

….3 Months Sabbatical and creative reset ahead

This is the start of my 3 months sabbatical. After the madness before the trip started, organizing my absence, and making sure, all is set, I left home today for the next couple of weeks. I am tired, look like a zombie, a mix of pale-face, blemished skin, so glad I did take the two hours off from packing yesterday to go to my favorite hairdresser, so at least my hair looks ok, even so the rest of me looks like I need a couple of weeks in a health resort rather than a high energy full-time workshop for four weeks.

The first moment during the last days or probably two weeks, I was sitting calm, and starting to realize, “I am really going to do it” was in the train to the airport today. The first time as well I was calm enough to be nervous. Gush! I am really going to go to a 4-weeks program at the New York Film Academy, starting on Monday.

At the airport, I was very quick with baggage drop off, thanks to my FT status I am allowed to take two pieces of luggage. And even that was a big challenge, packing for 3 months, Fall and Winter in New York, some West Coast Travel, but as well Miami, where the summer never ends, and maybe Argentina ahead, where its summer time. Anyway, I made it.

I had plenty of time to go to the Lounge and have my first glas of bubbly to start my little personal adventure. When going to the gate, there was already a loooong line. As it was finally my turn, to show my boarding pass, the gate didn’t open, and the nice lady said to me “oh, I am sorry, your seat has been changed!” And I thought “oh no, please, I have an ale, and I really don’t want to be in the sandwich position for the next eight hours!” But hey, she printed my “new boarding pass” and it said SEAT 9 D, and the nice lady continued “You have been upgraded to business class.” BIG SMILE !!!

This never happens. I guess they have been overbooked, or due to the recent strikes had more people, however, I just thought:

“How cool does this trip start!”

No need to say, that the flight was very convenient.

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