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GGG Adventures : Follow your heart and jump

Listen to your heart - jump - enjoy the freefall and trust the parachute

Global Gal is already very brave following her inspiration, taking a 3 months unpaid leave get inspired. Or how my dear new friend Apple from Hongkong says "Go with the flow!"

It is actually a very save way to "do what I want" for a little while, since I am going back to my job, thus regular income, after this inspirational break. I guess.

I am comparing living our adventures which basically means to follow your heart, with skydiving. Did you ever jump out of an airplane? Damn, its SO MUCH FUN! It is one of the best things I ever did. LOVED it.

You are excited. Then you board the plane, and you know, there is no return now! Then its your turn. You get close to the open door. By the way at least from my experience, sitting and then rolling over to unboard the plane was not as frightening as standing and jumping out. Standing in a full functional properly working airplane, and jumping out. That moment you think to yourself "What the fxxx am I doing here?!" But once you are out, and you are in the freefall to my thats one of the best moments in life. Only sex is better! And not always...well different topic...

I have never felt as free, strong, and enjoying life than during the freefall. Then the parachute opens and you keep on gliding for a while until you are back on Mother Earth. The adrenalin and feeling of freedom and exciting remains for a few hours. One song always reminding me on my second skydive is "beautiful day" from U2.

So any real big adventure in life to me is like skydiving. You are excited while planing it. The moment you stand there, the seconds before you jump, you doubt, you think you are completely nuts doing whatever you do, to go out of your comfort zone. Thats what it is, when you follow your heart no matter what risks and donts your brain gives you, you are leaving the comfort zone.

Only when you experience the freedom of the freefall, the incredible "WOW I CAN DO IT" and it feels so extraordinary, that I even cannot find words describing it! Then you feel strong, so happy and proud you did it: you jumped! When you follow your heart, the reward is true happiness, even when we fail, it was to achieve our truest wishes, live our destiny.

What holds us back jumping is mostly our fears, they are directed by our brains. Overcoming those means following our hearts, and do what we truly want to do. Fighting the obstacles in our way, the logic around the what we should or shouldnt do.
And then we GO WITH THE FLOW and follow our heart.

I know its not easy! Its not easy for me. It needs a lot of strength and trust. We never know where this will lead us. We have to trust, the parachute will open the moment we need it to. But of course, we can never know for sure. That would be the moment when my dear friend Nicole would quote Soren Kierkegaard:

"Life can only be understood backwords, but it must be lived forwards!"

So its on each of us, to make our own personal decision to stay in the secure comfort zone, or to follow our heart to make our biggest dreams come true, of course with the risk to stumble and fall. Most of the times there is an opportunity to stand up again, every time we fall. So what are you waiting for? Next life? Good luck!

I can only decide for myself, and I have decided:

I still havent found what Im looking for!
And guess what? I love this world and my life too much to stop exploring.

GGG inspired by New York city

3 Responses

  1. No regrets, no missed opportunities – doesn’t everyone want to feel that way looking back? I guess a lot of people justify their fear of leaving their comfort zone with “no, I really can’t. My job, my fam, my flat…” I just wonder if it’s because the need for adventure is not big enough or their fear is just bigger. Looking back, I’m so damn proud of myself and don’t wanna miss one second. And looking at those pics will always make me smile and fill my heart with satisfaction.

  2. Congratulations to that super-ultra-mega-great experience! There’s two kinds of people in this world: those who already jumped, and those who didn’t.. YET! 🙂

    Here’s my impression of my first jump. Sadly more than five years ago, but still remember as it was yesterday. 😉

  3. Great Global Gal,

    i am so happy for you and glad you are having exactly what you wanted. Yes girl ! Go with the flow and do whatever makes you happy.

    Take Care, miss you


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