About GGG

Global Gals on the Go – what the heck is this about?


It’s a group of GGGs living in different countries, on different continents, and sometimes even in different universes. All the Gals have been around exploring hot spots and often enough found themselves in dark corners. Oh boy!

We started this blog to share our travel adventures, global mishaps, hot spots, stories and people touching our souls, things ticking us off….
But much more to make you laugh, to make you think and of course share our gossip with you.

Does the world need another blog? Most likely not!
Does our life depend on the next glass of champaign? Most likely neither.
Although….of course it does, to a GGG it does!

If you decide to follow GGG, we hope to entertain you!
GGG would love to have you laugh with us, and feel grateful to have you on our backseat driving the emotional roller coaster up and down and of course up again.
Thats about GGG!

Welcome to the glamorous, crazy, dramatic, hysterical, hilarious, sexy cosmos of Global Gals on the Go!


Global Gals on the go


Are YOU a GGG ?

You are one of us?
We’d love to know more about YOUR¬†adventures!
Use this form to submit your glamorous, exciting, heart-warming or scandalous story to us for consideration. Thanks in advance for your interest and trust in GGG!



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