Weddings in France, Malaysia and a beautiful castle in Germany

2014 – Weddings in Kuala Lumpur and Germany, a French Wedding and a Wedding on an old castle in a beautiful wine-growing district

I had the honour this year to accompany three couples during their wedding planning and ceremenonies. It was an amazing experience.
They couldnt have been more different from each other:

The German-Greek & Malayan couple living in a lovely Southern German city, getting married in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The French couple living away from their homes and family in Germany. Enjoying their life in Karlsruhe, moving very soon to Barcelona and got married in la belle France. Last but not least another ferrytale, a love story starting more than 10 years ago, great couple living in Munich, travelled the world together, he proposed at the Victoria Falls and they got married on an old castle with a beautiful ceremony and great party.

One thing those three couples have in common:
They got married for one reason: They love and respect their significant other and want to spend their lifetime together.
None of them got married, because it was comfortable, or kind of the thing to do right now, or for economic reasons, or it was expected from them.
You think “of course not!” But think about it again. How many couples do you know, in your family, your friends, co-workers, where you know or sense they got married for the wrong reasons.

I was just reading an interesting article today at Huffington post:

I am sharing the three stories of three great couples and their weddings with you – if you like.

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