The before the trip madness……

….organize and pack all night

Guess many of you agree, travel for fun IS FUN. So the planning of a trip is yet time consuming but exciting too, putting one piece to the other, searching for places to go and almost explore them by browsing and reading, before you even get there. And then there is always those last couple of days, until you are ‘ready for take-off’. As a GGG you gather quite some routine, but still, I always run like a crazy chicken until everything is arranged. Maybe it’s the doing too much at once, or even the routine that encourages one to put more and more on the agenda?

This is the start of a 3 months sabbatical. Of course the last weeks in my job have been crazy, lots of organizing, closing projects, making sure everything is working as smooth as possible during my absence.

No time to think about what to pack for 3 months in different climazones and different activities. No reading about the 4 weeks class I am going to take at the famous New York Film Academy. No reaching out too friends for farewell drinks, nor to those in the States to organize seeing each other while I am going to be there. No need to mention that working out, wellness or relaxing me time was not even to consider. So I am off now for 4 days, and the only 2 hours not running after my far too long to do list was the appointment at my hairstylist. Thanks a bunch Johannes, you are pure wellness in my calendar, and our witty conversations and jokes are pure energy and inspiration!

Yesterday, the last day before departure I was awake until 4am, didn’t catch too much sleep the nights before either. And it shows: my skin looks like ashes, there are dark shades around my eyes and besides looking like a zombie I just got a teenage skin when it comes to pickle again. It’s totally not what I consider looking fresh and relaxed. And it’s not how I wanted to arrive in New York. But then, what to complain about? I am the master of my timetable. Next time organize better, do less or simply be grateful about being able to be the main act in this adventure.

That said, I have to say: I feel gifted being able to go on the road for 3 months. There are many reasons, why I do not take this for granted. First of all, I am in the health condition to travel on my own. Not talking about my mental condition…J
I am independent. Living in a free country, with equal rights, where I have the freedom to do what I want. Thats still not the case all over the world, unfortunately. I am working in a young industry, where bosses of course are not jumping head over heels, when you are asking for this kind of leave, but understood the energy and motivation you are returning is a huge driver.
And last but not least, I am blessed with those friends and family members who encourage me, to live my dreams.

Read more about Inspiring people and those people taking energy away from you instead soon.

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