The Drama Book Shop

The Drama Book Shop is THE place to go if you are looking for drama books, plays, the best selection in New York City.

I spent hours there today, with reading and going through novels and plays. They offer a fascinating selection, and it was hard not to leave the shop with more books I could carry.

Its just a block away from Time Square or 42nd street / Bus Terminal”.

If you like books, if you like plays: Go visit – its worth it!

What are GGGs new reading tidbits?:

  • Women of Manhatten by John Patrick Shanley, thats why I went there.

Honestly, you cannot love books, and not leave without wanting to take so many more home. I tried to be reasonable. I tried!

So the extra reads, I am going to immerse with soonish are:

  • The World of extreme happiness by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig.
  • Where’s my money? by John Patrick Shanley.
  • Rachel by Angelica Weld Grimk√©.
  • The Happy Sad by Ken Urban.
  • Fool for Love and other Plays by Sam Shepard (including Angel City, Geography of a Horse Dreamer, Action, Cowboy Mouth, Melodrama Play, Seduced, Suicide in B, With an Introduction by Ross Wetzsteon).

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