Flirting in New York

In Central Park, in the streets, in the subway – New Yorkers like to flirt

At least thats what I see as a newbee to the city. My classmate has met a cute guy in the subway, and he invited her to his party next day.

Running in Central Park I realized is very flirty, and believe me, I don’t look cute, when running. But then, somehow there are many smiles. And this makes me smile. Its just nice. It reminds me a little bit when I used to live in Mexico. Just a little, because Mexico or Argentina are just wonderful, when it comes to flirting in the street. You can have bad hair day, bad anything day, and there will be a guy telling you how good you look. Is he serious? I couldn’t care less. It makes me feel good, and I forget about my bad hair etc and start smiling.

Back to New York.
My funniest “flirting in the streets” story since I am here happened yesterday.
Scene: Upper West Side, were I live. I was just leaving the house, to drop the laundry 2 blocks away. It was rainy yesterday. So I was wearing my coat and a blue hat. There were two police cars one block away. In one car they had a guy on the back of the car. Looked as if they just arrested him. The cop standing next to the door, smiled at me. He said “Hi” And I smiled at him. He was cute. And really, never before in my life a cop who just arrested a guy, turned around to flirt with me, instead of investigating in the case he was just working on. Haha.

He continued “Beautiful smile!” and I gave him another of my “beautiful smiles” while walking by.
He complimented my blue hat, and wished me a wonderful day.

I said “Thank you” kept on smiling and walking to the laundry.

At the laundry I smiled at the girl behind the counter, and we had a nice little chit chat.
Flirting and complimenting with style is simply a great way of keep on smiling day by day.

So keep on smiling girls, and keep on flirting, its the best medicine to your soul and I am certain there is no better anti-aging medicine !

Global Gal

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