The New York Film Academy – 4 weeks acting

A dream comes true – acting workshop at NYFA

Since I was a teenager I wanted to be an actress, or at least figure if I am talented, if I can be good at it.

With 19 years old, growing up in a small city, where people know each other, growing up in a down to earth family, where it was important to get a job, built a house, get along with the neighbors, and plan your whole life within the area you grew up. I was already breaking out of the family tradition by going to University. Before that I spend some time as an animator at the Canarian Islands in Spain. But I did not have the courage to send those 20 ore more applications I had home to film academies in Europe.

Life did treat me well, even though I had some extra miles to go here or there, or it was challenging, or had to experience how it feels to loose beloved ones. I decided to think about, what I always wanted to do. I mean really wanted to. And I still consider it as a hearts desire to do it. Acting was BIG on that list. Bigger than anything else. And of course, first thing I thought “Its too late! I am too old!” But guess what:
If I am too old to experience this, that means, I have to postpone it to my next life. And can we be sure there is such thing? I wish it is, but don’t want to go into that debate.

I decided that “I am too old” doesn’t count. Its just in my head, and most likely in other people looking at me and thinking “poor delusional thing!”

I can go give it a try and just jump in it. I am blessed with a good health condition, which I do not take for granted, luckily my career went week and I can afford to take this workshop and stay in NewYork for a couple of weeks.

Well and here I am!
And believe me, for the first time in a while I have been nervous like a schoolgirl. Just to go to the NYFA office on Friday to say “hi” and to register at their International Office, my heart sank into my boots.

Now its Monday, first day, its just orientation, so no big deal yet. But still, its all new, and I have no idea whats expected from me. And again, this is just my thoughts spinning; why is it important to meet anybody’s expectations? And beyond, do I really believe anybody here expects a thing from me, beyond being positive and trying as good as I can?

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