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New York Entertainment- T.I. live interview and standup NY

Tuesday night Live interview with T.I. next day hilarious comedy at standup NY

In how many cities in this world do you have that amazing variety of entertainment? Entertainment at the highest stage? Broadway shows and the MET alone are providing first class entertainment. Besides you have a long list of stars performing live in New York that make it hard to pick were to go.

Beyond there is a loooong list of theaters and bars to go and find a high level entertainment program. One of them is stand up NY. What a great place! Its a pub with a back room where you find a small stage. I have been there on Wednesday. One of our teachers at NYFA is performing there and had free tickets for us. So I was there with 2 of my classmates and one of the filmmaking students. What a blast! There were 7 standup Comedians performing. Each one with his own show and I would have a very hard time telling you whom was the one I liked most. They were all hilarious. The host and moderator, a Scott, was too funny, we cracked up. Great Entertainment, no doubt!

If you have a chance, go there, its worth it, its absolutely funny. And no matter where you are from: They will make fun of it. All the stereotypes are pulled out. I was laughing my head of the entire time.


The night before my host and roommate told me, he is part in producing a big event in the evening, and invited me to come. It was Tuesday night. My classes at NYFA ended at 7pm. I grabbed a panini on my way from Union Square to Gramercy theatre. Just a 15 minutes walk. A very nice venue:


On my way, I didn't even know, what the event was about. Was too busy all day with acting classes to figure out. However, once I got there, I saw the posters: CRWN Elliott Wilson & T.I.

Thanks to Noam, my host and producer of this event, I got a pass and got in. It was a live interview of T.I. by Elliott Wilson. Elliott Wilson is a journalist and the founder of Rap Radar. CRWN is a series of live interviews with popular Hip Hop Stars. Tuesday, October 28, 2014 in Gramercy Theatre New York City: T.I.


I know some of T.I.s songs, what I did not know before, is that his producer is Pharrell Williams. You know, the "Happy" song guy! But he is a lot more, he is a genius and he cares and uses his fame and money and founded a non-profit organization called "From One Hand To AnOTHER" (FOHTA). T.I. spoke very highly of Pharrell. And one of the uncountable fun moments, when he mentioned, he had seen bad ass guys walking through the streets singing 'happy', and continued that no other songwriter and artist would be able to change his style and have the tough guys liking it.

T.I. is an entertainer. What a blast! It was a 90 minutes interview and it has not been boring for a minute. I could have listend a lot longer.

Watch it yourself, I had the live experience, hard to beat that 😉



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