Casa Riquelme – a lovely getaway

Getaway with homemade tapas, delicious vino and a stunning view

Casa Riquelme to me, thats not only one of GGGs most loved secret getaways with a stunning view over the Masca Valley down to the sea. Its a lot more. Its a jewel in the heart of Tenerife’s beautiful nature, full of piece and inspiration.

Riquelmes lovely authentic rural taverna and small hotel with the unique cliffside terrace where you find individual tables, cliffs towering above and a majestic view down to the sea. Its not fancy. Its simple, authentic and charming. You sense that Riquelme is in piece with himself as the whole place is in such harmony with nature. Thats why this is a place of piece and inspiration to me.

The food is simple, home made and truly delicious.
There is a home made juice varying by season or day. I have tasted all kinds of, and they are all YAMMI.

The mixed plate to share offers jamón iberico (iberican ham), jamón (ham), chorizo, olives, cheese and home made bread, sometimes the bread is still warm. It goes excellent with Riquelmes white wine!

Its by far one of GGGs most favorite secret hideaways, and I have never been to Tenerife without spending some precious hours at Riquelmes lovely terrace. Of course as well because another GGG has been with me, every time I have been there, the GGG who introduced me to this fantastic getaway more than a decade ago.

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