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Madres de la Plaza de Mayo

Exceptional women: Madres de la Plaza de Mayo

I was part of a documentary about Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires some years ago.
We had one scene on a sunny Thursday afternoon at the famous Plaza de Mayo.
There were the Madres de Plaza de Mayo on their Thursday march.

We watched them silently. And I tried to feel what they had to go through. I couldn't. There was a lumb in my throat for the entire time we have been there. All my little problems and thoughts were so small. I have all the respect in the world for those ladies and their companions.

They had the courage to stand up in times when it meant to be killed for being in opposition. Many of them still don't know what happened to their children and family members who disappeared.

I am not sure what reduces me to tears; if its the cruel fate they had to go through or the barbarity of those who gave the orders and those who executed them.

We should never ever accept inhumanity no matter where on this planet!


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