NYFA Acting Workshop – Day One

Day one of my 4 weeks acting workshop at NYFA

When I got up to get my first coffee, there was this white dove sitting at the window, watching me. I felt like Cinderella. GGG Grande Madame just commented, when I told her “Too much, really….isn’t it? Enjoy your first day at the academy and don’t overdo on the acting!” But its all about drama, isn’t it? So the Drama already started today with my white dove, love it!

My classes started  12:30 with a 3 hours block of Scene Study. There are 11 students in my group. All of them nice, opened and excited about the 4 weeks ahead of us.

Scene Study was very interesting, the teacher did create a truly welcoming atmosphere. Before this class, I was so nervous about ‘what if I fail?’, ‘what if I don’t do it well?’, I believe nobody wants to make a fool out of themselves. But he did create a very save environment in very little time. All of us got the chance to play a scene, a dialogue. I actually got two dialogues, since we are eleven students.

I have no idea if it felt like “acting” to my fellow classmates and our teacher, or if they believed me, my story I was telling. But one thing I am sure: It was fun playing!

Later that day, we had a 3 hours acting for film class. Very interesting, too. And same here, the teacher created a good and open atmosphere in short spell. We all got our first “action” in front of the camera. I had a very hard time to tell myself “Think as an actor. But act as normal people.” It was hard to jump into “the normal person” and I thought I did totally fail. I mean it was not rocket sign, by far not. But when we watched it, I was surprised that it was not as bad, as I had expected.

By the way, my first role: a pizza delivery girl, going to Hunting House to deliver a pizza. Scene of a Horror Movie. My famous first line in front of the camera:

“Here’s the pizza you ordered!”



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